★ Adventure New York

Division: tv

Photo source: 3Sat

Adventure New York

The City that  never sleeps! New York is probably the most fascinating city in the world. Pure Energy, loud, hectic + chaotic. The metropolis between Hudson + East River is like a noise.

The 3Sat tv program "Adventure New York" follows five Swiss poeple who have dared the big step. They moved to New York.

The music for the documentary was made from the POPVIRUS Library. The broadcastings were aired on 17th july 2016 at 14:45am, on 5th of august 2016 at 1:50am + on 12th of august 2016 at 2:05am on 3sat. The first broadcasting was on 7th august 2015 at SRF + was the start of a 3-part documentary about Swiss in New York. Spread the virus!