★ Bauernhoftester back again!

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Bauernhoftester back again!

Little surprise! "Der Bauernhoftester" is back again in tv programm of Bavarian tv. Here are the tv  dates if anybody wants to look at this again.

- on 17th of august 2016 at 3pm"Der Bauerhoftester - Auf dem Rambichlerhof im Berchtesgadener Land"
- on 18th of august 2016 at 3pm "Der Bauernhoftester - Auf dem Erlenhof im Oberallgäu"
- on 19th of august 2016 at 3pm"Der Bauernhoftester - Auf dem Knoglerhof im Chiemgau"
- on 30th of august 2016 at 3pm "Der Bauernhoftester - Auf dem Döllinger Hof in der Oberpfalz"
- on 31st of august 2016 at 3pm "Der Bauernhoftester -Auf dem Ferienhof Kosertal in Oberfranken"
- on 1st of september 2016 at 3pm "Der Bauernhoftester - Auf dem Weberhof in Oberbayern"

- on 2nd of september 2016 at 3pm"Der Bauernhoftester - Auf dem Riedenburger Hof im Altmühltal"

All series are also available in the BR mediathek.


The Bauernhoftester format was the most successful tv serie in 2011 on Bavarian tv channel.with the highest  den highest ratings (till now!). The serie was so successful so that   NDR - Nordish tv channel - bought the tv format which was also very successful there on tv too.

About the series:  The day of the inspection is a real challenge for a farmer's family. The farmstead inspector not only checks for cleanliness + equipment but also for safety, friendliness and recreational offers. "They all tremble with fear when the inspector comes," Gert Schickling comments. So far, he has gone over 400 vacation farms with a fine tooth comb and in 2011 more scrutinizing will take palce. Gert Schickling will accompany the second series from "der Bauernhoftester", where he inspects four different farms in different regions of Bavaria during the summer months. And again his visit is cause for hectic preperations by the family who want to present their farm from it's very best side. Four new sequels of the successful BR docu-soap "Der Bauernhoftester" can be seen starting July 8th, every Friday at 5p.m. on Bavarian television: The second episode finds Gert Schickling inspecting the Thalhauser farm in the hills of lower Bavaria.

POPVIRUS delivered the complete music for all series on BR + on NDR incl. title track of the serie called "Schickling".

Have a listen to albums of the DEUTSCHE HAUSMANNSKOST series especially produced for this tv format. The album series was consequently advanced. The Vol.5 + 6 are new albums which perfectly fits into the philosophy of the album series.