★ East meets West

Division: International


East meets West

Even though Turkey doesn’t officially belong to the EU, it’s considered one of the most important + fastest growing markets in the Near East. Our Istanbul connection, Musicshop, is one of the hippest production music companies around, shining on the homefront not only as a master of the business, but also proving that it’s the mix of westsern + eastern influences that rock the market. 

Our man in Istanbul: Yekta Melik 

A.B. Sporer  about the collaboration with Musicshop:   "Sought+found! Yekta Melik from Musicshop is a modern day musicman + music manager. It’s only logical that Musicshop and POPVIRUS can make things happen together. Turkey is one of the most interesting countries around, in the center of Europe and yet the meeting point of so many diverse mentalities. In no  other region of the world does the saying „East meets West“ flourish so well. Spread the virus in Turkey!“