★ Extreme Sporting Metal in Studio

Division: A&R

Extreme Sporting Metal in Studio Action

It took a full six years for this new edition of the POPVIRUS classic Extreme Sporting Metal to be thought out and produced.

"We didn’t want to repeat ourselves + we wanted to deliver a small masterpiece. This new album is different + yet we still  pay tribute to the sport metal cult, which we wanted to characterize in the tracks,“ the two rock nerds reveal + it’s easy to recognize just how much fun they had working on this album.

Corni Bartels + Mäx Schlichter’s first piece of work has established itself over the years on a high level + many creative TV minds still draw on it,  keeping it up in a solid position in the playlists. Zu den Toptiteln gehören die Tracks Beautiful Punk, My World Sucks, Rock Surfer oder die Rockballade Colour On the Streets are some of the top tracks and are considered to be all-time favorites in the POPVIRUS Library.

Corni’s space station studio Weltraumstudio is one of the few in the Republic where things really rock. Mäx - guitarist for the successful Indie group Killerpilze - is an unbelievably talented songwriter. A perfect team for creating milestones in music!

The album is on it’s way to the POPVIRUS pipeline and ready for take-off. The sport metallers having another creative round in the studio. From left to right: Corni Bartels, A.B.Sporer + Mäx Schlichter.

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