★ Feast of the Sense

Division: Image- + Product films

Feast of the Sense

Welcome to Dr. Oetker’s World. In Germany, nearly 96% of all consumers know the Dr. Oetker brand. Dr. Oetker ranks in a top position amongst the German food brands + is considered one of the most trusted trademarks internationally as well.
The brand has evolved into a cult status through Dr. Oetker’s World supported by the fascination of the senses. Tours, seminars + demonstrations  inform about the development of the company, trivia about production + products + unusual facts about the brand Dr. Oetker. Take a look in the Dr. Oetker’s experimental kitchen. Dr. Oetker’s World is shows  a series of product films + the music is 100%  POPVIRUS Library. 

This will take you to Dr. Oetker World + the product films.