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Flashbacks NOW

They both know how it’s done + that a good + new creation takes a while to do. Their first work, FLASHBACKS, released in 2010, is still at the top of the POPVIRUS playlist. So it’s no wonder that POPVIRUS artists Chris Gott + Martin Machwitz have not only come up with FLASHBACKS Vol.2, but have incorporated into it one of the most successful music genres of the 90’s : the Trip-Hop sound.
Trip-hop managed to move an entire generation. Bands such as massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky or Faithless enjoyed worldwide acclaim with their so-called Bristol Sound. FLASHBACKS Vol.2 is more than a tribute, it’s an homage to one of the most inspiring periods music history ever produced. 
Chris + Martin, our two FLASHBACK freaks, live this genre like no others + carry us away into a world of experimental dub-groovings + downbeats with low-fidelity effects + atmospheric soundscape which draws the listener into it’s path. 
FLASHBACKS Vol.2 will be released in October + we’re proud that a number of POPVIRUS countries have discovered the album in our release date calendar + have already inquired about it up front. Music  really does connect + the FLASHBACKS series is a yardstick for the best decades in music. FLASHBACKS NOW!
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