★ In the land of mounties

Division: International


POPVIRUS in the land of mounties

The year started off positively + with a big headline! POPVIRUS + Interméde Music are on their way in conquering the Canadian market. After lengthy  but successful negotiations, POPVIRUS Library was able to win over a vital partner for the North American region. Françoise Morin, the maker behind the company, is a real pro who’s been working the market in detail since 25 years. Ther’s no better match for the marketing of the POPVIRUS Library!

Françoise  Morin  about  the  collaboration  with  POPVIRUS:  "Intermede  Music  is  delighted  to  announce that  we  will  be  reprensenting the German library Popvirus in Canada!! What an amazing library!!  The CEO A.B. Sporer  is  not  only very passionate about what he does, but he has grasped the essence of great production music. We are very excited to release his albums here in Canada!!!!"

A.B. Sporer  about  the  collaboration  with  Intérmede  Music:  "180%  convinced + delighted! Interméde Music  belongs to one of the most established TOP companies in Canada - the action woman Françoise Morin  is  the  pivotal  point in this dream team. Françoise proves onces again that  saying  "It's people's business“ always works.  It  was  never  as  important  as it is today to work  together  with  a  player  with  such  an  immense  know-how  range.  Spread  the  virus in Canada!“