★ The Pep Enigma

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Das Pep-Mysterium (The Pep Enigma)

Miracle trainer, fanatic or genius? The focus of the ARD documentary "Das Pep-Mysterium“ is star and cult trainer Pep Guardiola. Even as a player, Pep was an intelligent + unique team member who under the aegis of Johan Cruyff devoloped into the main player for Barcelona. As a trainer, he was the first to win the "Sextuple“ in 2009. His achievments: the Spanish Championship, the Spanish Cup, the Spanish Super-Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League as well as the UEFA Supercup. You can’t win any more than that in one soccer season!
Sports commentator + journalist  Bernd Schmelzer (commentator for soccer, Alpine sports as well as ice hockey) investigates this phenomenon in an interesting and thrilling documentary with the central question: "What exaclty did Pep do with and for FC Bayern in his term in the last three years?“  
The documentary will be aired on the 28th of May 2016 on BR in a special edition of Blickpunkt Sport.  
The music for this documentary as well as the main celebration segments in the special edition + show are entirely from the POPVIRUS Library. Save the date!

For further information about "Das Pep-Mysterium" see ARD/ BR.