★ POPVIRUS counts on Stock Music

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POPVIRUS counts on Stock Music

The addition of Belgium + Luxembourg not only covers the Benelux region completely but together with the Netherlands (Dennis Music), ideally as well. Stock Music has an unbeatable + innovative team with its creators Dirk Duchamps (General Manager Stock Music), Joël Cleuren (Sales Stock Music) + Arjan Bosheck (Founder Stock Music). A visit to POPVIRUS in Munich in December sealed the deal + we all agree to mutually stir up the market in Belgium + Luxembourg.

Stock Music about the collaboration with POPVIRUS: "When we met A.B. Sporer at the POPVIRUS office we were overwhelmed with the passion + enthusiasm he put in his work. At Stock Music we are always looking to extend our library with great music + there’s no doubt that the POPVIRUS catalogue offers tons of qualitative tracks that will stand out in the projects of our clients in Belgium + Luxembourg. POPVIRUS delivers the full package: music, support, marketing material, creative idea's + more. That’s why we are so excited about our collaboration + spreading the virus!"

A.B. Sporer  about  collaboration   with   Stock  Music:  "Stock  Music   was   +  is  our  desired  partner for Belgium  +  Luxembourg.   Not  only  does  Belgium   offer  some of the  world’s   best   chocolate  but  also some  of the  hippest  pop  music exports.  We couldn’t  imagine  working  with  anyone  better  to market our valued music in this innovative   territory.  As a  brand  new  Stock Music family member, we are looking forward to a longstanding creative collaboration. Spread the virus in Belgium + Luxembourg!“