★ POPVIRUS sends congratulations

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POPVIRUS sends congratulations

How often can you claim to have a professor in your ranks? Our POPVIRUS composer + producer Axel Schwarz has recently earned the title. We are happy for and with Axel + would like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on his creative works - not only in conjunction with the POPVIRUS Library.
Prof. Axel Schwarz works as a musician, composer, lyricist, producer + docent + is able to look back on a trail of releases, chart successes + over 1 million sold units with diverse projects + artists. Axel studied classical music, was a member of the Julie Neigel Band for many years, worked as a keyboarder, writes + produces pop music + music for film + TV.
He shares his pop knowledge throughout Germany as a coach + through seminars. He has been lecturing at the Pop Academy in Baden-Württemberg in several different departments since it’s founding + is responsible for music education in pop academics (former School of Rock) + InPop (artistic direction + concept) there. He is also the Artistic Director for the major study course Education Artist + Department-Chief/Placement of Popular Music since the introduction of the Popular Music masters course at the Pop Academy. He  designed + directs several state accredited educational programs in the pop music department as well.
He was appointed Professor at the Pop Acadamy in 2015. POPVIRUS sends out a round of congratulations!

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