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Reload Niederlande

The Benelux countries have always been on the scene in the European music market when it comes to trends + good music. Dennis Music is one of the most established production music companies in the Netherlands, which is also marketed by Sonoton.
The collaboration between Dennis Music + POPVIRUS is exactly 2 years old, to the day. Dennis Boscheck, the boss of Dennis Music, eagerly embraced the chance for a quick stop-over in Munich, together with head of promotion + marketing, Claire Niven + Illona van Barneveld, to visit POPVIRUS + announce a new internet reload offensive for MyDennisMusic. The Tweet that followed was the kick-off to a POPVIRUS product attack.

A.B.Sporer about Dennis Music: ""Flowers aren’t the only thing  I’m a fan of when it comes to the Netherlands. Dennis Music is home to the POPVIRUS Library + provides a strategically important cooperation in the highly-competitive Benelux market. The mastermind + boss of Dennis Music, Dennis Bosheck,  brought two media pros on board with Claire Niven + Ilona van Berneveld, who are responsible for reloading the MYDennis-Musicsearch + establishing POPVIRUS in the Dutch market  through their aggressive and smart marketing strategy. We’re looking forward to a close + creative collaboration. Spread the virus in the Netherlands!"

We´re very exciting about the reload + pleased about our collaboration with the land of the tuleps. Spread the virus in Netherlands!