★ Schrankalarm fever

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POPVIRUS in Schrankalarm fever

The styling documentary on VOX addresses a problem every woman out there knows. The closet is full, still she doesn’t have a thing  to wear. That’s what you call a “Schrankalarm!“ (Closet Alarm!) The styling duo Manual Cortez (“Anna und die Liebe“) and Miyabi Kawa want to find a solution and visit a different desperate damsel who’s run out of fashion ideas in each episode. Cortez + Kawai anlyse the closest’s contents + help by finding flattering fits + new styles. Clothes are tossed, pimped + kept. At the end, they take the candidate on a shopping trip.(Source: VOX)
The media writes: “Schrankalarm! is raring to go“ + Schrankalarm has landed here at POPVIRUS. We’re looking forward to many more episodes on the 4th, 23rd, 24th + 25th of Feb. as well as the 2nd, 4th, 15th and 23th of March 2016 with music from the POPVIRUS Library.