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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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Electronique Vol.3

Electronique Vol.3

Soundtrack for those who are on the big search! Daring potpourri of sound! A limbo world of contradictions! Lift off and up to a spherical flight!

category: docutainment, lifestyle, relaxation
catalogue no.: POP-PP-011
Popvirus Publishing
Info Album: 
Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Command And Conquer 2:43 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
2 Upon The Deep 1:43 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
3 Continuum 1:45 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
4 Humanoid Robots 3:15 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
5 Electric Sheep 2:28 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
6 Sidewise In Time 1:43 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
8 Galaxiki 2:54 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
9 Tyrants Of Time 1:11 Nick Jaws Dance
10 Long Loud Silence 2:13 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
11 Digital Series 2:02 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
12 Tribulation 1:23 Nick Jaws Dance
13 Andromeda Nebula 2:53 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
14 Plasma Weapon 1:41 Nick Jaws Dance
15 Shockwave Rider 1:25 Nick Jaws Hip Hop
16 Damon Knight 1:38 Nick Jaws Dance
17 Tears Of Steel 2:24 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
18 Biopunk 0:54 Nick Jaws Atmosphere
19 Autodidactus 1:23 Nick Jaws Dance
20 Themes In Fantasy 1:10 Nick Jaws Dance

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