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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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A Finest Selection Of REALITY TV ONE


100% docutainment reality tv! Listen to a playlist of a selection of the best-of reality tv world albums from the POPVIRUS LIBRARY!


We recommend our Reality TV World series!


Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Real Love 3:19 Mathis Richter-Reichhelm/ Hans Seelenmeyer Pop
1 Fidelity 2:21 Alan Jay Reed Pop
1 Building Bridges 2:29 Martin Haene/ Yves Michel Pop
1 Your Day 2:39 Rainer Ruetsch/ Christian F.J. Buettner Pop
1 Angelface 2:56 Linus Sandberg/ Jimi Toc Rock
2 Get Down 2:32 Rainer Ruetsch/ Marcello Pagin/ Christian F.J. Buettner Pop
2 Summer Patrol 3:16 Linus Sandberg/ Jimi Toc Rock
2 All About You 3:25 Moritz Bintig Pop
2 Younger 2:55 Chase McMorrough/ Kai Panschow/ Dimi Tsoukas Pop
2 Loving You 2:40 Linus Sandberg/ Jimi Toc Pop
2 Radicalizer 1:55 Alex Newton Rock
2 Multitracker 2:08 Daniel Backes/ Peter Moslener Pop
3 Bobcat 2:40 Jens Wojnar Pop
3 Jeopardy 2:41 Linus Sandberg/ Jimi Toc Pop
3 Charade 1:51 Marc Bradley Pop
3 Fugitive 2:43 Christopher Applegate Pop
3 Drive Me Crazy 2:27 Martin Haene/ Marco Ricciardi Pop
4 Tell Me 3:37 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love/ Chase McMorrough Alternative
4 Two Minutes 2:20 Martin Haene/ Marco Ricciardi Pop
5 Citylights 1:55 Pat Paks/ Annabella Jul Pop
8 Let It Be 2:13 Sid Sonic/ Ryan Gold Rock
9 All So Black 1:49 Kai Panschow Soul
11 Goldmine 2:16 Jens Wojnar/ Lars Hentschel Pop
15 Attitude 3:19 Linus Sandberg/ Dimi Tsoukas/ Chase McMorrough Pop
19 Jimmy 3:10 Thomas Helmich/ Jimi Toc Pop

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