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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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Without a doubt, one can say that this album is a clever + delectable combination from the jazz jukebox. Music for high class moments+yet still for the masses, because jazz is more popular than ever!

category: easy listening, tv magazine, travel, cooking, jazz
catalogue no.: POP-PI-098 
Popvirus Publishing
POPVIRUS International
Info Album: 
Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Famous Stories 2:13 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
2 Ragjam 4:02 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
3 Blue Notes 3:09 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
4 Fusion Driver 2:20 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
5 Local Club 3:01 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
6 Soul Swinger 1:48 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
7 Cool Session 2:14 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
8 Razzmatazz 3:40 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
9 Cuban Stylus 2:51 Jim Kaktus Easy Listening
10 Swingalang 2:22 Jim Kaktus Jazz
11 Village Voice 2:30 Jim Kaktus Jazz
12 Type Of Jazz 2:06 Jim Kaktus Jazz
13 Jazzsteps 1:26 Jim Kaktus Jazz
14 Acid Slang 2:11 Jim Kaktus Jazz
15 Cotton Club 1:36 Chris Fostner/ Jim Kaktus Jazz
16 Red Light District 2:32 Chris Fostner/ Jim Kaktus Jazz
17 Hot Five 1:52 Chris Fostner/ Jim Kaktus Jazz
18 Entertainer 1:59 Chris Fostner/ Jim Kaktus Jazz
19 Improvisation 2:55 Chris Fostner/ Jim Kaktus Jazz
20 Avantgarde 2:14 Chris Fostner/ Jim Kaktus Jazz

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