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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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Most Wanted Vol.2

Most Wanted Vol.2

This a one of a kind series! Inimitable, unreachable, unbeatable + still very playable! We know what everybody needs: Most Wanted - order now,  as long as the supply lasts!

Kategorie: Boulevard, Dokutainment, Reality TV, Reisen, TV-Magazin
Kat.-Nr.: POP-PP-002 
Popvirus Publishing
Info Album: 
Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Highly Exclusive 2:16 Blue One Pop
2 Local Gang 2:59 Blue One Pop
3 Blueprint Lover 4:42 Blue One Pop
4 Pop Artist 2:36 Blue One Pop
5 Night Transfer 4:01 Blue One Pop
6 Private World 2:10 Blue One Pop
7 Coffee Shop 3:25 Blue One Pop
8 Fashion Show 2:31 Blue One Pop
9 American Legend 3:22 Blue One Pop
10 Daydream Nation 4:03 Blue One Pop
11 Desperately Seeking 4:27 Blue One Pop
12 Cab Driver 4:39 Blue One Pop
13 Boy Culture 3:38 Blue One Pop
14 Freaky Stones 5:53 Blue One Pop
15 Velvet Rope 3:49 Blue One Pop
16 Bronx Zoo 3:57 Blue One Pop
17 Talking Stranger 4:05 Blue One Pop
18 Group Disease 1:56 Blue One Pop
19 Money Jungle 1:44 Blue One Pop
20 Baby Boom 3:08 Blue One Pop

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