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Rockster Three

Rockster Three

All or nothing! Once you’ve lost your reputation, there’s nothing left to lose! The third in the thunderous Rockster line! An album with milestone potential!

category: action, docutainment, independent, reality tv, sports, tv magazine
catalogue no.: POP-PS-214
Popvirus Publishing
POPVIRUS Soundtrack
Info Album: 
Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 What Happened 3:07 Gudze Rock
2 Panic Room 3:11 Gudze Rock
3 Boys Boys 2:26 Gudze Rock
4 Anarchists 3:34 Gudze Rock
5 Runaway Match 3:16 Gudze Rock
6 Special Happiness 3:21 Gudze Rock
7 Privileged 2:40 Gudze Rock
8 Through Ages 3:52 Gudze Rock
9 Fiftyfive 3:18 Gudze Rock
10 Country Lovers 2:08 Gudze Rock
11 Helping Hand 2:53 Gudze Rock
12 Fatal Sneeze 2:36 Gudze Rock
13 Misunderstanding 3:10 Gudze Rock
14 Soulfinger 3:30 Gudze Rock
15 Driving Home 3:02 Gudze Rock
16 Quicksand 2:28 Gudze Rock
17 Under Difficulties 2:51 Gudze Rock
18 Interesting Story 2:46 Gudze Rock
19 Automobile Trip 3:30 Gudze Rock
20 Cry For Help 3:49 Gudze Rock

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