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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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No phony music here! Indierock straight from the rehearsal room! Catalystic riffs + dirty noisy alternative stuff! Razor-sharp, addicting ballbreaker! Shout out loud!

category: docutainment, conflict, independent, milieu, reality tv, tv magazine
catalogue no.: POP-PS-228
Popvirus Publishing
POPVIRUS Soundtrack
Info Album: 
Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Bomber Mafia 3:30 Gudze Rock
2 Wild Planets 3:23 Gudze Rock
3 Future Generation 2:58 Gudze Rock
4 Talking Candy 3:46 Gudze Rock
5 Public Image 3:39 Gudze Rock
6 Rocket Boutique 3:33 Gudze Rock
7 Spot Pistol 2:30 Gudze Rock
8 Jesus Freak 3:27 Gudze Rock
9 Sensationalism 3:00 Gudze Rock
10 Biggest Hippie 3:32 Gudze Rock
11 Revolutionizing Fashion 2:59 Gudze Rock
12 Youth Rebellion 2:41 Gudze Rock
13 Simple Living 3:20 Gudze Rock
14 Radical Change 3:26 Gudze Rock
15 Groovy Interview 3:19 Gudze Rock
16 Authority Control 2:34 Gudze Rock
17 From A To Z 3:35 Gudze Rock
18 Extented Mixology 3:45 Gudze Rock
19 Greatest Adventure 3:48 Gudze Rock
20 Creative Thinking 4:50 Gudze Rock

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